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Gail Ingram is a Nurse Practitioner who provides relationship-based, trauma-informed, non-judgemental primary care. Non-traditional evening and weekend hours, house calls, group appointments, and telemedicine make access easier for busy New Yorkers. Nightingale Wellness is a boutique primary care practice where listening, empathy, and respect are as important as the correct diagnosis. We dedicate time to learn about our patients and create treatment plans using evidence-based guidelines and safe integrative wellness strategies. 


Lab Work

Collected by a caring pro who knows you don't like needles. We use Labcorp for processing.


Established patients appreciate virtual appointments when they are sick in bed or stuck at the office.


Analyzing your cardiac rhythm helps keep you safe while taking medication for concentration or weight loss.

Genetic Testing

DNA swab tests can help determine which medications will work best for you. 


Text (212) 606-3887. Texting is as quick and easy for you as it is for us. Let's text.

Mind-Body Connection

Addressing underlying anxiety and depression is essential for good physical health. Let's find a treatment plan that works for you.   

House Calls

We travel from the north end of Central Park to the southern tip of Manhattan for you.  

Small Groups

From guest speakers to exercise classes, get together with like-minded people to achieve your health goals.

Weekends & Evenings

You should be able to see your PCP at a time that doesn't jeopardize your job or your income.


Nightingale Wellness is an "out-of-network" provider. Check with your insurance carrier to learn if you have "out-of-network" benefits as part of your plan. If you do, we will file a claim. 

If you have health insurance but don't have "out-of-network" benefits, the good news is your insurance will cover your lab work, prescriptions, imaging, and specialists depending on your plan. 

If you do not have any health insurance, we'll work with your budget. Appointments are affordable and probably cost less than your last New York City haircut, personal training session, or dinner out. 

I have health insurance but I can't find anyone like Gail who accepts it. Caring is priceless and she is worth every penny.

H. Lawrence

Patient since 2015


(Insurance co-pays are listed.)

New patient appointments are $165.

30-minute problem-focused appointments for established patients are $110.

90-minute head-to-toe annual physicals (EKG, blood collection, telehealth lab results review and goal setting included) are $380.

Medical cannabis consultations are $185 and include same-day dispensary access if appropriate.

Specimen collection and handling for lab work is $35.

Administrative requests start at $50.

Telehealth encounters for established patients are $85.

30-minute house calls in Manhattan are $310 ($365 for new patients) plus fees for additional time, services, testing, and/or supplies.

IV infusions are $160 plus the wholesale cost of ingredients and supplies.

Basic Botox and Juvederm are $220 plus the wholesale cost of the product and supplies. 

PRP microneedling, hair regeneration, or facial injections start at $600.

The cost of additional services, tests, and/or supplies will be discussed prior to use. Please call or text for specifics.

Nightingale payments are processed at the time of service through Venmo (no fee), Zelle (no fee), or Square ($5 service fee).   

Gail Ingram


Gail Ingram MS, PC-AGNP

Living and working in Manhattan for over a decade, Gail Ingram understands the extremes of NYC life. She embraces the challenge to keep her fellow New Yorkers mentally and physically healthy in the most stressful city that never sleeps. She believes in meeting people where they are and uses integrative strategies with an emphasis on prevention. 

Gail Ingram is an accomplished nurse practitioner with over 19 years of healthcare experience ranging from office, hospital, and home-based care. She graduated with a Master's of Science from New York University where she received the prestigious President’s Service Award. She has appeared on Fox 5 News, ABC 7 News, and Good Day New York as a health advocate and she volunteers for the NYC Medical Reserve Corp. She shares health information through her website,
NP Ingram is a thoughtful, open, and straightforward practitioner. She aims to be transparent, consistent, and accessible. When not treating patients, you'll find her in coveralls shopping for hardware, art supplies, fabric, or second-hand fashion in Manhattan. She is a maker and a fixer of all things.

"If it hasn't happened to me, it's happened to someone I care about. I understand where you're coming from and we are all in this together.

                                  -Gail Ingram NP


All patient testimonials are verified and authenticated by a third party.  To read more, click the link below.

"You rarely find someone who is so willing to listen, take the time to go through all your options, and make sure you feel comfortable, safe and satisfied with the care you are getting. Cannot recommend her enough." 
August 24, 2016. Source: Zocdoc.


"...I really appreciate that meeting with her felt more like a conversation than an assessment. I also really appreciate that it didn't feel she was talking down to me, like I've felt with most doctors. She took the time to explain everything to me, and I like that she explained things to me without making me feel incompetent, like doctors tend to do... I love that I'm not sitting on tissue paper in a freezing cold room while talking to my doctor. Instead I'm sitting in her office talking to her, and that makes it feel much more relaxing, much more pleasant, and much more personal." 
More than 1 year ago. Source: Zocdoc.


"Gail is great! I've seen Gail for both my asthma and lower back pain on separate occasions. She is very attentive, helpful and professional. I would/do highly recommend her!" 
March 2, 2016. Source: Zocdoc.


"...I have a phobia of blood and fear of needles. She made sure I was comfortable and kept me relaxed through the whole process..." 
December 28, 2015. Source: Zocdoc.


"Gail Ingram, NP may be the best primary care provider I've ever been to. She is knowledgeable, considerate, exceptionally thorough, and actually spends time with you to understand and address your medical issues... Plus, she has a personality--how many NPs do you know that drove an El Camino? Highly recommended." 
February 7, 2017. Source: Zocdoc.


"...She is a great listener and a brilliant NP. She was so helpful with anything I asked about. I feel so relieved to have a trusted professional who truly cares about my health. I enjoyed my appointment with Gail and I never thought I'd say that about a physical!"
February 19, 2016. Source: Zocdoc.


"Overall she's a Jack of All Trades. I highly recommended her." 
More than 1 year ago. Source: Zocdoc.


"Gail Ingram is the most thorough and patient medical professional I have ever visited! She has excellent genuine bedside manner and is extremely helpful in offering recommendations for other specialists." 
January 29, 2017. Source: Zocdoc.


"...Gail is spectacular. She is direct and to the point and super laid back and easy to talk to. I will recommend her to all of my friends." 
March 16, 2016. Source: Zocdoc.


"She was better than any doctor I've ever seen!" 
April 15, 2016. Source: Zocdoc.


"Gail has a wonderful ability to establish a good rapport with her patients. All of my concerns were addressed quickly and responded to with options that were most suitable for me." 
January 29, 2016. Source: Zocdoc.


What is a Nurse Practitioner?
Nurse Practitioners (or NPs) are registered nurses who hold graduate degrees and can diagnose, treat, and prescribe for patients in different areas of healthcare depending on their education, experience, and location.  

What is the difference between a Physician and a Nurse Practitioner?
Nurse Practitioners are trained using a different approach called the Nursing Model. The Nursing Model prepares practitioners to partner with their patients and create an achievable holistic treatment plan. 

Does a Nurse Practitioner work under a Medical Doctor?
That depends on the state where you live. In New York, legislation allows Nurse Practitioners to care for their own patients after working 3,600 hours under the supervision of a Physician. Nightingale Wellness maintains relationships with Medical Doctors who are available if needed.

What illnesses are treated at Nightingale Wellness?
Common illnesses include cold and flu symptoms, allergies, cough, asthma, sore throat, ear ache, back pain, joint pain, injuries, heartburn, constipation, gastrointestinal problems, food poisoning, insect bites and stings, skin problems, ADHD, depression, anxiety, fatigue, headache, vertigo, bladder infections, sexually transmitted infections, nail fungus, pink eye, and so much more.  We remove sutures and staples; flush ear wax; prescribe birth control; prepare you for travel; remove warts, test for Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses, help with smoking cessation; provide Truvada (PrEP) management; refill prescriptions; and then some.

My doctor is great but I can't get an appointment. Can I see both of you?
Yes! We can work as a team with your MD. Continue the complex care plan you have established with your favorite Physician and come to us for the day-to-day stuff. 

Why not go to an urgent care or chain clinic that takes my insurance?
While urgent care or walk-in clinics are easy to access, they are not designed to provide long term support. A relationship with a primary care provider can help you achieve health-related milestones and minimize the stress of making important health decisions.

What should I call Nurse Practitioner Gail Ingram? 
"Gail" is fine.  But if you want to get fancy, please use the title "Nurse Practitioner" or "NP" instead of "Nurse," "Nurse Gail," or "Doctor."


Visit the website where nurses, including Gail Ingram NP, blog about health and wellness.  Real nurses, real issues, real advice. 


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